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Customized Friendship Books

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Creating memories that last a lifetime

These friendship books are perfect for the kids in your lives and their friends!

How it works:

The owner of the book fills out the "About Me" pages at the beginning of the book, then they share it with their friends/classmates to fill in their "About Me" pages. When the book is returned to the owner, they have a book filled with information about their friends.

While these books are agreat source of information and keepsake for the owners of the books, they are ideal for the parents. Organizing a sleepover? Now you have the contact info for everyone in one place, you will know of any allergies, food likes or dislikes and more.

Attending a birthday party? Look in your friendship book for your friend´s favourite colours, animals, books, etc. to make shopping or crafting easier.

Stay connected and organized with your friendship book!

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